Backpacking’s the Bee’s Knees.

Welcome to Backpacking Nor Cal.  This site is about, you guessed it, backpacking in the northern part of the great state of California.  No matter where one might live here, they are never more than a few hours drive from an ocean, 14k peaks, deciduous rain forests, high desert, glacial carved canyons and open river valleys.  There are very few other places in the world, if any, that share such an intense dichotomy of landscape.  That, my friends, makes Northern California a backpacker’s paradise.

Because of this significant variation of landscape, much of the information found here is applicable to almost any place in the world one might choose to backpack in.  So if you don’t reside in or around Northern California, the content here will likely apply to wherever you choose to backpack.

Backpacking is fun.  With the right equipment, know how and attitude, backpacking can be enjoyed by almost anyone.  Therein lies the goal here at Backpacking Nor Cal.  We’ll do our best to give some recommendations on gear that will give you the best opportunity to have fun.  We’ll strive to teach you how to stay safe and save weight, both of which will maximize your fun.  We’ll give you some suggestions of fun places for backpackers of any skill level to explore. Most importantly, we’ll show you how most anyone can find carrying a bunch of crap on their back and walking for long distances can be a very rewarding and fun experience.


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